Play Day in the Snow

I haven’t been following my photography lessons recently because of all the shenanigans involved with the run up to Christmas.

I smugly inform you that I have bought, wrapped and dispersed the gifts to my family in readiness for the gluttony, sloth day later this month.

I have decided to enjoy the festive season free from study and will re~start my lessons from the first week of January. Until then my camera is my plaything, to mess around and snap things just for fun, without any thought or plan.

I know I already blogged my mad morning snow exploration photos but the recent snow that covered most of the country brought forth the desire to capture the garden whilst it looked so pretty. The slush afterwards not so pretty though, so will spare you that.

So here you go, a few snowy snaps from the garden…


x Wishing you a very Merry Christmas x